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CCQ Inc. Montreal roofers offers the latest in roofing technology with solar roofing shingles. With the news that Tesla's recent bid to purchase Solar City was approved, it won't be long before solar shingles become mainstream and affordable for all. The look of the solar shingles will offer a styling that blends seamlessly into your home, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing product that will revolutionize the roofing industry. The solar shingles come in different styles to compliment your homes' exterior. From slate glass, smooth glass, textured glass and tuscan glass. The solar shingles will be affordable and comparable to the cost of traditional roofing shingles making solar shingles an attractive option for those looking to redo their roofs. Email us for more information and to be one of the first to book your solar shingle roof.

Tesla Solar Roofing Shingle Styles
Tesla solar powered shingles slate glass

Slate Glass Solar Shingles

Tesla solar powered shingles smooth glass

Smooth Glass Solar Shingles

Tesla solar powered shingles textured glass

Textured Glass Solar Shingles

Tuscan solar powered shingles smooth glass

Tuscan Glass Solar Shingles