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CCQ Inc. Montreal roofers offers the latest in eco and green roofing technology. The need to lower the carbon footprint has never been higher as people and businesses try to lessen the negative environmental impact of previous years. One of the ways to accomplish this is through Green & Eco roofing solutions. Certain burroughs in the city of Montreal have banned tar & gravel roofs due to their negative impact on the environment and have mandated that white roofs or green roofs be the only new option for replacing an existing flat roof surface. White roofs, sometimes referred to as "cool roofs" are necessary in major cities to help reduce amient temperature that is an issue in urban areas. Green roofs provide a service of reducing C02 emissions created by pollution, providing cleaner air to breath. Green roofs provide more insulation than white roofs in the winter time and can also last up to twice as long as a conventional roof. For all white roof and green roofing needs, CCQ Montreal Roofers trusts Soprema products, the leaders in roofing technology. Contact us for more information regarding white & green roofing solutions.